Anti-inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle

Anti-inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle


An anti-inflammatory diet has the power to inhibit several events that lead to cancer development. Fruits and vegetables have hundreds of anti-inflammatory agents. It’s best we eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables across the entire spectrum. Eat foods that are rich in omega 3 fats, like fish and flax-seeds, and the specific anti-inflammatory foods like avocados, olive oil, walnuts and almonds. Fish is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods, however it is crucial to consume fish with low mercury and toxin levels. Reduce whites like salt, white flour, white sugar and white rice. Highly processed foods, frozen and canned foods and meats are pro-inflammatory. Eat in moderation foods like whole grains, legumes, beans and seeds. They increase fiber intake and help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, but are also known to promote inflammation in increased amounts.

Exercise is a useful tool to reduce inflammation. So is stress management. It is a good practice to find ways to reduce or manage stress, using techniques like meditation, prayers, yoga or whatever suits you best. Chronic stress is linked to chronic inflammation.

Tips to Fighting Cancer:

  • Look out for cancer- causing agents. Protect yourself and your family from these agents.
  • Choose an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.
  • Be informed of the warning signs and symptoms of cancer for early detection.
  • Get regular health checkups and participate in screening programs.
  • Talk about cancer among family and friends. It helps.

If you have an inflammatory condition it’s best you pay attention now. Consult your doctor and get yourself treated. There are specific medicines to reduce it. Chances are you may be reducing your risk of getting cancer.

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Editor’s Note on Inflammation

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