Obesity and Cancer


How it is linked to cancer?

For decades, the Oncology community are trying to understand the role of obesity in cancer risk and its outcomes. It is estimated that a fifth of the world, almost 640 million people are obese. Obesity is the disproportionate body weight for height. It is expressed in terms of BMI (body mass Index). A BMI of more than 30 is considered obesity. Below are some of the important findings:

  • Obesity is found to be strongly associated with developing and dying from several major illnesses, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.
  • It is quickly overtaking smoking as the preventable cause of cancer. Some 20% of new cases, and 17% of cancer-related deaths are attributable to obesity.
  • Interesting to note is that, majority of adults remain unaware of the relationship between obesity and cancer.
  • A landmark study of 9 lacs individuals, showed that obese people were upto 50-60% more likely to develop and die from cancer, compared to their normal counterparts.
  • Researches are showing losing weight can help reduce co-morbidities, cancer risk, and early death. Let’s learn more about obesity.

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