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Editor’s Note on Inflammation

Hi Friends,

“Inflammation is a chronic condition that breaks down your body from within. The good news is you can combat it by living a healthier lifestyle. What you get in return is a better quality of life, you will be losing weight, have more energy – and feel great and what’s more it protects you against cancer, blood clots and diabetes type 2.

Cancer is on the rise. It is soon expected to be the leading cause of death, replacing heart disease. It is best we take actions now to reduce our chances of getting this deadly disease.

Cancer is a scary word. It brings out fear in people, like no other word in the world. But harboring fear is not the solution to the problem. Fighting cancer is. Prevention is the best form of reducing the burden of cancer. Getting educated is the first step to gaining control in cancer. Putting that knowledge into action comes next.
Lastly, keep in mind, nobody’s immune to cancer. So, when in doubt talk to your doctor”.

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin

The Denvax Clinics & Optimum Therapeutics
18 Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar , New Delhi-110057

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Editor’s Note on Cancer and Inflammation

Dear Friends, We, at The Denvax Clinics, strive to ensure we give the best possible treatment for our…

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