Does losing weight decrease the risk of cancer?

Does losing weight decrease the risk of cancer?

avoiding weight gain or losing weight decreases the risk of cancer

Many studies have provided consistent evidence that people who have lower weight gain during adulthood have lower risks of colon cancer, kidney cancer, and—for postmenopausal women—breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers.

Studies have also shown possible associations between weight loss and cancer risk. Some of these have found decreased risks of breast, endometrial, colon, and prostate cancers among people who have lost weight.

Stronger evidence for a relationship between weight loss and cancer risk comes from studies of people who have undergone bariatric surgery (surgery performed on the stomach or intestines to induce weight loss). Obese people who have bariatric surgery appear to have lower risks of obesity-related cancers than obese people who do not have bariatric surgery

A significant finding showed patients who underwent bariatric surgery for losing weight, showed lesser breast and endometrium cancer rates. Encouraging weight loss in patients, can help reduce co-morbidities, cancer risk, as well as early death.

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Editor’s Note on Obesity

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